Common Symptoms of STD

Detecting and managing a variety of common STDs is easy when you are armed with the correct information about their symptoms, treatment, and the right place to get help. Information about STDs can go a long way for an infected person to identify the infection before it could progress to a serious phase that could devastate the health of the body. An improperly treated common STD could cause numerous complications that could compromise the immune system of the body which could lead to death.

The most common bacterial STD found in men and women is Chlamydia. Almost 80% of women and 50% in men have been reported as asymptomatic which made them unaware that they already have the infection. For those who show manifestations of the infection, the most common symptoms include painful urination, and discharges from the anus, penis, and vagina. It has been found that the Chlamydia infection could be transmitted by sexual contact through the anus, mouth, and vagina. The worse complications of the disease happen to women as it could lead to an ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

Genital Herpes is another common disease that has two strains, one for the genital area, and the other for the oral area. It has always been believed that the herpes strain that affects the oral area is not connected to the sores that grow in the genitalia. That is now being shown as a common misconception as it was discovered that recurring outbreaks of sores do not only happen in the genital area but also in the oral area as well. The most common symptom for both men and women are the blister sores in the genital area which could extend to the cervical lining in women and the urethra for the men. It is highly contagious to a fetus if the mother is infected with the disease. Although herpes is treatable, complete elimination of the infection is not possible. The infection will lie dormant in the body but will eventually surface again.

It may not be general knowledge, but hepatitis strains can be transmitted sexually, with Hepatitis B as the most common. Symptoms for this infection include fatigue with joint pains, yellow colored eyes and skin, and fever. The complications that an improperly diagnosed and treated hepatitis strain include hepatic cancer and cirrhosis. Remission from the infection can be achieved, but there is still no known cure. Vaccinations are the best prevention for Hepatitis A and B strains.

Gonorrhea is another STD that has been fairly common for both men and women. The associated symptoms that arise from this infection include pus-like yellow colored discharges from the penis and vagina, and burning pain during urination. This infection is very treatable which can be cleared up after seven days of antibiotic medication. The complications that this disease can give when it is improperly diagnosed and untreated could cause problems in pregnancy and infertility in women.

These STDs are common and manageable as long as STD testing is done at its initial phase. There are numerous private STD testing centers that value patient’s privacy as well as provide the proper medication treatment program to eliminate the infection from the body.